Confusing Question Regarding Fed Ed, Old Claims, Transfer Of Claim?

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Confusing Question Regarding Fed Ed, Old Claims, Transfer Of Claim? Empty Confusing Question Regarding Fed Ed, Old Claims, Transfer Of Claim?

Post by amyh on Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:44 am

Hi, I am hoping to get some advice regarding a strange issue and am wondering if anyone else experienced it. I have posted questions before leading up to this but I got my answer from CA edd, now even more confused. I reopened my extension from Dec '10 in July '11. I had worked for six months and when I called to file a claim they said they could not find my employment information, I worked from home but did get a W-2- they told me it could possibly have been categorized as 1099 so the man at EDD reopened my previous extension. At the time I went off unemployment I had been automatically moved to Fed-ed before tier 4 because of the cutoff dates, so when they reopened, they put me on Fed -ed again. My Fed-ed just ended and I got a letter stating I may be able to file another extension, etc etc. I had gotten these before so I just figured I would get claim forms. I didn't get any so I called today and got through on the Vietnamese line-and the man was really nice and I was on the phone for over an hour. This is where I am confused. He told me that my wages from my 6 month job have now been reported, and in July I should have been on that claim before collecting any weeks from what I had left over from the tiers on my prior claim, but since the company just recently reported it, it wasn't my fault. He told me he would fix it, so what he said he did was he sent a request to have the balance of the most recent claim (the 6 month job) transferred to my extension, he kept saying fed ed but i thought that was done. Anyway he said I would get claim forms for the next two weeks and he was going to reverse the claim and transfer a balance of 700.00 or something to my fed ed claim. (that was the total I would collect on that claim) or 61.00 a week, and I was getting the max benefit before. So he said to fill out my Fed Ed claim forms that he is sending today, work search, everything, and I would be paid for 2 more weeks on Fed Ed then I can start Tier 4. Has anyone experienced this? I am not sure if i will be getting the 61.00 a week or if I will get the full payment and start on my next tier. I know it's really weird and some kind of special circumstance but if anyone has anything similar to this happen, I would appreciate any input! He made it sound like I would get the entire balance of that missing claim since it was so small, but I have just never heard of this. He said it's not my fault and I did the right thing, so maybe that is why he was being so nice? He also said he would keep my file on his desk and make sure everything is okay in a few days. I'm just not sure what to expect here on out. Sorry so long, thanks in advance!


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