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In this guy's house??

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In this guy's house?? Empty In this guy's house??

Post by marrer Sat Dec 07, 2013 2:48 pm

I went for a job interview. The ad said it for for a bookkeeper for a construction company. It turns out this 50 year old guy is running his business out of his house. That's fine but he lives alone and wants me there with him... alone. He was weird. He's a big guy. Over 6 feet tall, looks like he's 10 months pregnant, sitting in the chair facing me he had his legs spread wide apart but his toes touching. He was wearing black socks. Oh, no shoes allowed in the house even though it's supposed to be a place to work. He told me I should bring some slippers over... to keep there.

He said he is going to the Ukraine for 3 weeks in February to visit family. ok. I didn't buy that at all since he said he grew up in Kansas. I immediately thought he was going wife shopping. I got home and did a 2 minute internet search on him and some Russian call girl site came up as a link was on his Facebook page. ???

I called him and said I didn't think it was going to be the position for me. He said, "You look like such a nice young lady, I really wanted to get to know you".


He didn't say a word about my work qualifications. Plus the job paid a dollar an hour more than unemployment but was part-time. His company website was a dummy page, non-interactive. You can't click on any links. Was it even a real job?

All I can think is what would this guy try to do to me if he knew that nobody was expecting me home for 8 hours. I could be off base here but the creep factor was way off the charts. I was wondering if he had anyone locked up in his basement while I was there. Now, have you EVER thought that during an interview?


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In this guy's house?? Empty Re: In this guy's house??

Post by jmainframe Sat Dec 14, 2013 1:15 pm

I think your instincts were correct! You were right in not taking that job. I pity the person (if any) who takes that job.

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