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Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed!

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Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed! Empty Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed!

Post by Guest Tue Oct 18, 2011 7:47 am

After attending 5 occupyphilly rallies, I wanted to bring back to all our members an overview of the days and the people, the excitement and the fears of all who were in attendance. I have to admit it would be hard. These rallies are a way for everyone to participate for their individual cause and message. It was a great experience and got me thinking about how many people are seriously effected, but in so many different ways. Obviously, we are all disgusted with our "leaders" in Washington, the banks, the economy and the lack of employment. Since joining this forum, my huge concentration is to get us all employed and still is. I met many who feel the same way, we need this jobs bill. What I also learned is, that many still employed are having difficulties as well and have just as much distrust and lack of faith in our "leaders", both localy and nationally.

With that in mind, we all have the ability to participate in the rallies happening all over the world now, and if you can't get there, which many can't, you can do it from home. Everyone organizing agrees, that the impact will be as great if those who can't attend will continue to email, call, fax and tweet as often as they can. It adds to the message. We were all urged to take this message back to any groups we belong to and ask for participation. If you can't attend, participate from home. It really is just as important as being there.

The message has to be heard, we have to make them listen, or at least make it impossible for them not to.

This list was posted last week by Desperate in RI, it's a really great list, emails, phone numbers and twitter addresses. Printed out, it's about 20 pages, but I have worked my way through twice and I am starting on the third go round today. I am hoping you will join me. Do what you can, from home, your cell phone, however you choose. Every bit helps.

Link to the list:

Again, as always, thank you. We have great members. We need JOBS and it's time for them to listen. Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed! 34243

I have bumped up the 99ers letter with a header for twitter with the #. Please copy and paste it, use it if you want, send your own letter or tweet.

occupyfromhome. Please.


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Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed! Empty Re: Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed!

Post by Guest Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:01 am

This is what I am sending. Add your message and send, or send your own message.

#HR589,#99ers,#American Jobs Act,#occupywallstreet,#occupyphilly,#occupyboston,#occupyfromhome
#We, the Unemployed-Friends are writing today to ask you to please hear us.
Many of us are without benefits since March 2010. Most of us are without jobs since the 1st quarter of 2008. We need your help.

We are an organization that has kept each other strong, lobbied for extensions and most importantly lobbied for jobs. For the best part of 2-1/2 years we have applied, emailed, faxed and pounded pavements looking for work. We have joined organizations, registered with temporary and permanent employment agencies, registered with on line job searches as well as the states unemployment-jobs agencies. We have not stopped actively searching for work as we hear on an almost constant basis. Our resumes, applications and phone calls for all intents and purposes have disappeared into thin air. The reason for that is companies large and small are not hiring. You can and will draw your own conclusions, however, we are looking actively, we have no choice. Sadly, so many jobs have gone overseas. Why?

Many of you have indicated you need our support to get legislation passed to extend benefits to what we now know as the "99ers". You have also indicated that you need our help to get the Small Business Bill passed. Well ladies and gentlemen, we are here and reporting for duty. What is it you need us to do. We are ready, willing and able to do it.

Let me explain a little about us all in a general fashion. We met on the Unemployed-Friends forum. We have shared employment histories, interview results, resume writing techniques, "how to survive" stories and ways to shop and save on unemployment. We have lobbied for benefits extensions and bills for jobs. We are from every state no matter what the unemployment rate. We range in age from 18 to over 63. We are receptionists, secretaries, lawyers, teachers, real estate agents, financial managers, mechanics, machinists, contractors, carpenters, electricians and plumbers. We are a true representation from all classes. What we have in common is the desire to be gainfully employed again and enjoy raising our families. Not one of us here is looking to make a fast buck on the back of someone else. We are a "family" of people who have never personally met, but are closer than most blood relatives. We have worked together, supported one another in our every day lives. If someone needs a car fixed, a ride, prescriptions filled, resume advice, interview advice, help with homelessness and sadly suicide, we have been there for each other. It used to be the American Way. Most importantly, we are together and not leaving until we get the help we are entitled to. I realize entitled is a dirty word, however, we did our jobs and did our parts for over 30 years. We are not asking for a lifetime of income, but for a lifeline until an effective jobs program is created and we are all working again.

We are a talented bunch. We write, sing, play instruments and as I mentioned above have many enviable job skills. We have a fantastic work ethic, if we didn't this forum would have died three weeks after it started. Take advantage of our talents. What do we need to do to prove to all of you we need jobs and we need benefits as well?
Who do you want us to contact?

Those of us who exhausted our benefits worked tirelessly to get H.R. 4213 passed knowing it would not benefit us. Those that benefitted from 4213 are still working with the 99ers to get this bill passed.

Most importantly, we need jobs created. Real jobs. It is very disheartening to hear many of you give your dailly sound bite telling us that jobs are available. I am here to tell you, they are not. Certainly, there are a few. I am registered on 11 different agencies and internet sites. I have had three interviews out of 1241 applications sent. Bloomberg reports this morning that Walmart and Home Depot are keeping ahead for two reasons: they don't bonus out their managers at any level and they are keeping their current work force of full time and part time employees. No additional hiring this year as well as last. Minimum wage jobs are not readily available, as some have said and a minimum wage part time job will help, however, for most families it continues them on TANF, Food Stamps and Medicaid. How does that help cut spending?

We have suffered through most of the summerof 2010 without incomes and benefits while you have taken two vacations with no help to those who need it. Now you are gearing up for the fall campaigns. Do you not think advertising $22 million dollars for ad buys is a slap in the face to people who have no income. Do you think we won't remember?

Tonight brings us to the State of the Union 2011. For the 99ers the State of the Union sadly brings us a new year with no help. Not one of us is asking for anymore than the Banks, the Auto Industry and the Mortgage Industry has asked for, far less actually. We need your help until jobs open up at a greater rate than they are currently. We all wait every single day for phone calls and emails that never come. Over 14 million people are not lazy, untalented, untrained individuals who couldn't hold down a job. Many of us were employed for over 30 years. What we need is your help and for the truth to be told about just how many unemployed Americans there are. On a weekly basis, the 99er numbers grow and the unemployment numbers decline. Mainly these numbers decline due to the number of people who are no longer counted among the unemployed because they have in fact exhausted all benefits, not because we have become disinterested in seeking employment. We cannot afford to do that.

This morning at 9:45 AM Rep. Lee and Rep. Scott held a Press Conference to introduce the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act. This would give a much needed 14 weeks of benefits to the 99ers who have exhausted all benefits. Today is February 9, 2011, some members will "celebrate" their one year anniversary next month with NO benefits. H.R. 589 is a lifeline and hope for exhaustees and should not be ignored. Your support for this legislation is very important and the moral thing to do. As of today, we see very slow job creation. Although any job creation is a great thing, we need massive efforts to get ALL the unemployed back to work in jobs that will pay a living wage and afford people the ability to obtain healthcare, shelter and food; a wage that would enable them to be removed from all programs the Federal Government and the States Government funds.

If American companies want to hire dedicated workers who will give it their all, retrain for positions out of their field, keep open minds and remain loyal to companies, they have to look no further than the 99ers of the United States. Through the worst of times that can be described only by those who are living it, we have stayed together and kept each other going with nothing more than posted words, but two and one-half years in, we are still together doing just that.

Living in a country such as ours, for all of us it is unthinkable that we would not help countries like Haiti who are so in need. How is it that you can forget people who until 2008 helped our country help others and yet, not even kind words are lent to the American 99ers. We now need your help and have needed it for well over eight months.

We are all here now waiting for you to tell us what help you need. The ball is in your court. I think at this time you are aware that there are more unemployed than the numbers truly reflect. That is a great deal of votes. We are asking you now to help us secure employment.

You asked for our help, we are here waiting for your response. What do you need us to do? You cannot keep telling us NO!!! We need a plan of action and we need it now. Winter is too cold to have families without heat and food and benefits and the 99ers are families not just individuals.

Here we sit in June 2011, still searching for that job that will get us the financial help we need for ourselves and our families, while bills sit in committee and our lives hang in the balance. We aren't disappearing, our numbers are growing. You can't ignore us forever.

Today, July 6, 2011 well over a year with no benefits for most 99ers, the President held a twitter town hall. Not one mention of the unemployed directly or the 99ers. We are invisible, not counted. Can you afford to lose the votes of the unemployed and 99ers for ignoring us? We are part of this country, a major part of the unemployment picture and our missing tax dollars do add up. Our deficit grows daily, revenues don't. Can you afford to continue ignoring us?

Tell us, what will you do, a jobs bill, a real one this time, in the meantime, benefits are necessary. What help can we give you? We are willing, but now it's time for you to act responsibly. Actions not words are needed.

This weekend, Labor Day Weekend 2011, the second summer ends for most of us who are living with no benefits and no job prospects. Thursday, a really poor jobs report and a Congress who is more interested in sound bites, a Republican Debate, fourteen months before an election and a squabble with the President over dates to hold a joint session of Congress. You set a wonderful example for children who will study this in the future. You behavior is horrible and quite frankly in poor taste. You have American Citizens, Voters who are starving and desperate and you worry about budgets. Should you, of course, but not at the expense of human lives. We need your help, we have needed it for two years and now it's time for all of you to roll up your sleeves, get to work and make something happen for us. We are more than willing to help, but you MUST help us. We can't sit by and patiently request your help any longer, you MUST HELP US.

Now we find ourselves in October of 2011. We have Presidential Candidates, OccupyWallStreet, Debates and still no Jobs Plan. Are you starting to see what we mean now. This letter will get longer and longer and yet still no real plan of action. There will be a test vote tonight on the Senate Floor. Will you vote to bring the American Jobs Act to the people who elected you and really need this legislation, if not, will you present a similar plan of action that will help the PEOPLE? I think you know by now, we are NOT going away. Why can't we all work together on this? Let us help, start by listening, then tell us what you need for us to do. We can't wait much longer. If things don't change soon, you all may be part of our group. We have nothing left to lose, you still have much to lose. Please, hear the messages, work together, get a plan of action.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Mary Kay C - Sewell, NJ
Jason D. - Pittsburgh, PA
Janet S. from California
Jim S.-Latrobe, PA
Ron M CT.
Brenda H. Springfield, Mo.
Admin,;C in Cali(Admin)- CA
M.Iacobino, Fort Lee NJ.
Larry M. Pensacola, FL
Mrs. Chang, San Francisco, CA
Martha Main, Naugatuck, Connecticut
Paula Coutu Madisonville Tennessee
Nathalie Armsworthy, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Admin,; Jenny H - South Carolina
Judy G - Pennsylvania
Richard T - Las Vegas, NV
N Stacy, Grand Prairie TX
Denise D.
D. Chick, Brick NJ
Elizabeth W. Cleveland, OH
Mercy T. Bradenton, Fl.
Abbie H. Eaton, Ohio
Alice T-Missouri
Terry Wold, Riverside CA
John Wold, Riverside CA
Travis Wold, Riverside CA
Rita Speers-Duluth,GA
Amy K-Massachusetts
Edward K-Massachusetts
CA, Massachussetts
Laura Lewis Columbus, OH
Helen M - Harleysville, PA
Dennis S - Harlesyville, PA
Ann C - Glenside, PA
Steven M - Harleysville, PA
Richard M - Mantua, NJ
Mary V - Sewell, NJ
Maggie M - Cheltenham, PA
Claire H - Philadelphia, PA
Bob H - Philadelphia, PA
Nancy H - Philadelphia, PA
Gabriele R - Melbourne, FL
Terry Wold, Riverside CA
John Wold, Riverside CA
Travis Wold, Riverside CA
Mark Edwards, Los Angeles, CA
Stephanie S - California
P Stark Ohio
Janet Clayton - New Jersey
EdTV - Salinas Valley, CA
Kathy Miracle Covington, Ky.
Patricia A. Adams - Bethel Park, PA
Bill C - California
Shelly M. New Jersey
Rita S. Georgia
Sandra S. Eugene, Oregon
hank K New Jersey
Renee Sullivan-Jacksonville, Florida
Terri S Melbourne Fl
David S Melbourne FL
Denise B - Massachusetts
Laura G-Kentucky
Susan R West Chester, PA
Winnie E -New York
Corinne D-Wisconsin
Rita S. Duluth,GA
Chris S. Knoxville,TN
Mike S. Atlanta,.GA
Heather S. Knoxville,TN
Joe G Sussex,WI
Mary O Brookfied,WI
Lorraine R Milwaukee,WI
Vicki M. Milwaukee,WI
Wayne M. Milwaukee,WI
Connie T. Milwaukee,WI
Brian K. Milwaukee,WI
Mark R. Milwaukee,WI
John B. NYC (aka)Milwaukee,WI
Dave T. Milwaukee,WI
G. Robinson - Melbourne, Florida
Lisa G - Washington Twp., NJ
Joe L - Philadelphia, PA
Walt G. - Philadelphia, PA
Adam S. - Mantua, NJ
Ed L. - Sewell, NJ
Marcella M- Latrobe, PA
Ronald M- Latrobe, PA
Darlene M - Latrobe, PA
Randy M- Latrobe PA
Judy M- Latrobe, PA
Rhonda W- Latrobe, PA
Eileen H- Greensburg, PA
James H- Greensburg, PA
Donna T- Greensburg, PA
Connie R- Pensacola, FL
Charles R - Pensacola, FL
Helen F - Pensacola, FL
Kathy Y - Ft Lauderdale, FL
Tina A - McDonough, GA
Fred F - McDonough, GA
Bonnie L, Melrose MA
Mark S. Lawrenceville,GA
Lee Justice Norcross ,GA
Jean Dugas Duluth, GA
Naomi B Palm Bay FL
Bryan B Palm Bay FL
Nancy S Melbourne FL
Michael S Melbourne FL
Debbie G Melbourne FL
Sabra T Melbourne FL
MaryBeth A West Melb FL
Anthony A West Melb FL
Brian S Orlando FL
Steven S Palm Bay FL
Kimberly S Palm Bay FL
Janet J - Old Bridge, NJ
Janice Taylor, Oklahoma City, OK
Dana S Melbourne FL
Liz Steere, Mapleville, RI
Doug C - Nice, CA
Dave M Philadelphia PA
Crystal M Philadelphia PA
David M Oxford PA
Betsy M Oxford PA
Elizabeth A Philadelphia PA
Frank M Philadelphia PA
Carol M Philadelphia PA
Jamie M Melbourne FL
Christy E Palm Bay FL
Mike G Melbourne FL
Kim M Philadelphia PA
Jane F - Santa Rosa, CA
Bruce F - Rancho Mirage, CA
J. Stuckey Collinsville IL
Gary F Rozecki - Pa
Mark R Campbell
Terriann Campbell
Bob D. - Palm Desert, CA
Ken S-boca raton fla
Linda F Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Wayne S Michigan
Rachelle A., Los Angeles, California
David H, South Carolina
Carol G. - Rohnert Park, CA
T. Sancrante PA
John Conley, Charlotte NC
Linda C, Chicago, ILL.
James Baker California
Beth C. - Santa Rosa, CA
Michele W-Canton, OH
M Coutu in Tennessee
Patty Hadley - Palmdale, CA
Kathryn V. Manitowoc, WI
Heather L. Needs, Lebanon, OH
William R. Hatley, Lebanon, OH
jim cusimano las vegas, nevada
Greg S. - Las Vegas NV
Chris R - Phoenix AZ
ninia c from las vegas, nv
Nancy P Wisconsin
Grace V Wisconsin
Terry G Wisconsin
Debbie M Wisconsin
Fran N New Jersey
Lisa Burke - Egg Harbor Twp, New Jersey
Kim M from MO
Laura P from Michigan
Anne H. from MA
Fran from Philadelphia region
Jennifer D. - Indiana
Parker F. - Santa Rosa, CA
Erika A- New York, NY
Ann C-Glenside, PA
Jack P.-Philadelphia, PA
Keegan H - Phila.PA
Luke H - Phila.PA
Abby H - Phila PA
Edward M - Phila PA
Diane M - Phila PA
Jim M - Phila PA
William R - Roslyn, PA
David H. - Palmdale, CAila
Michelle H. - Phoenix, AZ
Dixie B. - Spokane, WA
Michael R.-St Petersburg,FLORIDA
Megan N - Chicago, IL
Amy W - Philadelphia, PA
Emma N - Chicago, IL
Joe L-Phila,PA
John W -Phila, PA
Will C - Lansdale, PA
Chris C - Phila, PA
Kevin C - Wyndmoor, PA
Collette B - Phila PA
Cheryl S - Phila PA
Todd B - Ambler, PA
Patty C - Pitman, NJ
Marc C - Pitman NJ
R. Sancrante PA
Nancy T, Florida
Travis D. - Indiana
Macie G. Maryville,TN
Connor S. Knoxville,TN
Jeff F. Atlanta,GA
Brian Main, Naugatuck, Ct
Chris Main, Naugatuck, Ct
Marlene Z, Phoenix, AZ
Vanessa T, California
Wanda M, California
Bobby G - Indiana
Jenny G - Indiana
Don S - Indiana
Becky I - Indiana
Paula W, California
Lisa Hatcher, Pittsburgh, PA
Jerry G. Pasco FLA.
Mary V - Sewell, NJ
Nancy Vetrano Revere, MA
N.W. Smith, FL
Vivian B WA
Alice T, Kansas City, MO
Michael D---Aurora Colorado
Gloria D---Aurora Colorado
Elizabeth M---Commerce City Colorado
Gail L. Lyndhurst, NJ
Lori, Joanne, Roberta P. Lyndhurst, NJ
Laura V. Queens NY
Keith.L Pittsburgh,PA
Teri C, Seattle, WA
Ellen T., New Port Richey, FL
Joe P - Chicago, IL
Mary Ann P - Savannnah, GA
T.J.P - Perry, OH
Mark P - Glen Ellen, IL
Cindy J - Wheaton, IL
Michelle C - Glen Ellyn, IL
Mary Jane P - Madison OH
JoeP - Madison OH
Shawn G Massachusetts
Michelle C - Ct.
Sharon M. - AL
W. Van Emmerik, Portland, Oregon
Sj M, California
Chris Reapp Phoenix AZ
Sarah Jenkins, Oklahoma City, OK
R. Taylor, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Chester L., Oklahoma City, OK
D.M. Page, Somerset, MA
Sherri S. - Temecula, CA.
M. O'Neil, St. Louis, MO.
Teresa Morales Mableton
Valerie W -TN
Mark W - TN
Haven C- TN
Betty B -TN
Eddie B -TN
Frank Mead Acworth Ga..
Maxwell F - Philadelphia, PA
George F - Churchville, PA
Robert F - Doylestown, PA
C.L. Ott- Davenport, Iowa.
M. Donovan, Elsmere, KY
S. Drahman, Elsmere, KY.
Randall Mobley, Brandenburg, Ky.
B.Day, Redlands CA.
Rose B. - Kearny, NJ
Wilma H. Pine Ridge,Ky..
D, Brooklyn, N. Y..
Chris W, Alaska
Kelly O., New Jersey
Jeff G., New Jersey
Kelly G. - Michigan
Laurie F. - Tennessee
Quakertown PA.
Bruce T., California
E King -Dallas,TX
S. Black - Dallas, TX
J. Black - Dallas, TX
E. Black - Irving, TX
S. Fuller - Dallas, TX
S. Hood - Lewisville, TX
A. Hawkins - Irving, TX
J. Lewis - Dallas, TX.
Julia Lowen-Pittsburgh,P.A
Shirley King-Pittsburgh,P.A
Timmy Grogan-Pittsburgh,P.A
Shannon Dosdor-Pittsburgh,P.A
Shannon Schuster-Butler,P.A
Brandon Schuster-York,P.A.
Justin Morter-Butler,P.A
John DeBolt - IL
Judy N Sherman Oaks, CA.
Brian T.
Theresa M. - Elkhart, Indiana
Heather Couture, Minneapolis, MN
Kelly Schultz. Oshkosh, Wisconsin
K. McKinney Orlando, Fl.
Roger S. Mantua Twp. NJ
Len D. Sewell, NJ
Karl D. SaL, Sewell, NJ
Pat B, Mantua Twp., NJ
Tran C Mantua Twp., NJ
Cu C Mantua Twp, NJ
Joe LaR Mantua Twp NJ
Bud H Mantua Twp NJ
Ed S Mantua Twp NJ
Melissa B Mantua Twp NJ
Mare Croyle Mantua Twp NJ
Pamela Jo – PA
Gina O – FL
Les Tindall – Eugene OR
John Pochinski – Wausau, WI
Stacy Brunt, Riverside, CA
Jerry New Jersey
D. Kay - AZ
Edwina - Chattanooga, TN
Steve Pfarr -Rancho Cucamonga Ca
Ryan S. - Neptune, NJ
Jeff B - Houston, TX

Please, copy, paste and tweet via TweetDeck or just retweet. Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed! 34243


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Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed! Empty Re: Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed!

Post by Jobless_in_Ma Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:10 am

You bring up many excellent points. There are many ways to
participate. Each and everyone of us should be able to help the cause in one way or another. Millions if voices and faces can't be ignored anymore!

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Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed! Empty Re: Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed!

Post by Guest Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:25 am

Al Sharpton ties everything together with his speech at the Jobs Injustice Rally Saturday before the MLK Jr. Memorial dedication.

It is time to stand up, together, with one loud voice and tell them.....

"If you can't stand up for the unemployed, we're gonna make sure you join the unemployed!"


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Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed! Empty Re: Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed!

Post by Guest Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:38 am

His speech was really good. This should be UF2 members rally cry. Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed! 34243


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Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed! Empty Re: Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed!

Post by Guest Tue Oct 18, 2011 10:47 am

Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed! 34243


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Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed! Empty Re: Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed!

Post by Guest Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:49 pm

Sent about five pages of emails and calls today. Hoping anyone who can will help out. Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed! 34243


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Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed! Empty Re: Occupiers Needed ~ From Home!!! Help Needed!

Post by Sponsored content

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