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How do we organize?

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How do we organize? Empty How do we organize?

Post by WPA Today Tue Oct 09, 2012 3:28 pm

Hi Everyone,

Question: How do the unemployed, under-employed, and mal-employed organize? Is it even possible?

We know, from history, that it's very hard for disenfranchised groups to organize and work cohesively. But what if a good portion of the un-, under-, and mal-employed could organize? And demonstrate, march, get politicians to introduce bills, have a lobbyist, vote as a block, etc.

Can you imagine that? 5 million, or 10 million, or 30 million people, working and voting together?

I think it can be done, but good organization is essential. OWS was great, but I think they could have accomplished more by having a set strategy and better organization.

So anyway, how can it be done (IF it can be done)?


WPA Today

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How do we organize? Empty Re: How do we organize?

Post by DesperateInRI Tue Oct 09, 2012 8:05 pm

Hi Brent! Welcome back and thanks for all your hard work trying to create a new WPA to help us out of this recession! I hope members will post some creative organizing ideas. New work and training programs are needed NOW to help millions of us get our lives back. Temporary band-aids, like unemployment benefit extensions have done nothing. It's time to go back and take a look at a new version of the WPA, which helped our country recover from The Great Depression. The work that was done back then still benefits us today!

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How do we organize? Empty Re: How do we organize?

Post by USA Citizen Tue Oct 09, 2012 10:35 pm

Hi Brent and DesperateInRI,

I've talked with many people and sent emails and have done online chats with others, but this organizing process seems to break down. It might become focused on an election, or candidates that can help the process of getting extended unemployment compensation, but as time goes on those involved get worn out and go onto other things. Organizing across the nation is something that takes people who have time or have funding to make the time. Most of the information is created by think tanks that have grants, etc, but for all of their good works there are few deeds that have produced results for the unemployed. A Works Projects Administration is what is needed. I got thousands of signatures on a petition to help the unemployed, but that didn't help. Forums help people share information that can be helpful, but forums are often just the place, often the only place, where the unemployed can blow off steam. I have tried to make contact with others to help organize efforts to help the unemployed, but am still waiting for others to step up.

One of the biggest problems I see in regard to this problem is the lack of a clearing house for the information so that accurate advice is available to the newly unemployed and those out of work for years and who may need training or placement. Perhaps there are resources available. We have the internet for goodness sake. Why can't we organize and provide help to those who need information and guidance? I have personally written over 70 pages of advice for those who need help and advice, but reading that much just to find a paragraph that is useful is too difficult. Links to shelters and other resources get old fast and programs are born and die too often to be relied upon without constant checking. There is a great need to organize. The lack of organization creates confusion and even despair. The lack of organization allows the unemployed to fall through the cracks and become homeless and a burden to society. The government seems to be in paralysis in regard to the unemployment issue. The numbers are cooked and do not reflect the huge number of people who want work but have left the workforce because they can't find work. Perhaps we need a information packed website with clickable links to resources that is tailored to specific questions. The answers are out there. What we need is a set of questions that can be organized and answered by those who know or have been in the same situation.
Best regards,
USA Citizen

Robert Reich: We Need a New WPA and CCC

A New WPA?
—By Kevin Drum

The New New Deal - The WPA fixed the economy by creating unusual careers. Should that be the plan for today's unemployed Americans?

Works Progress Administration

WPA Today
USA Citizen
USA Citizen

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How do we organize? Empty Re: How do we organize?

Post by WPA Today Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:10 pm

USA Citizen: Wow, that is a great analysis regarding organization of the unemployed (or, lack thereof).

Well, you have my website, and if you go to the "About Me" page, you'll see my contact info. Please keep me abreast of any initiatives or ideas you have.

It does seem ridiculous that this many frustrated people cannot get together and work together to change things.


WPA Today

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How do we organize? Empty Re: How do we organize?

Post by Sponsored content

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