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Benefit Year Ends  Empty Benefit Year Ends

Post by CaraInMass on Mon May 02, 2011 10:44 pm

Hello All!
I am fairly new to this site and very thankful to have found it.
Wondering if any of you who have approached your benefit year end date (BYE) could offer any advice.

When I went to log into file my MA DUA benefits, I received this message:
"Your claim expires on June 11, 2011. If you worked in the past 15 months you may file a new claim. Be ready to provide the names, addresses and dates of employment for all employers."

I just have two questions:

1. According to my calculation June 11th shouldn't be my BYE Date. It should be June 25th. I calculated receiving the initial 26 weeks of UI, then 20 weeks of Tier 1, and then 6 weeks of Tier 2 to equal 1 Full year or 52 weeks. Is this how it works? Could this be an error?

2. Once my BYE date is here, I will call the UI office. What questions will they ask me?
What information do I need to have ready to give them when I call? Is there anything that will prohibit them for renewing me?

If anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated!




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Benefit Year Ends  Empty Re: Benefit Year Ends

Post by Jobless_in_Ma on Mon May 02, 2011 10:58 pm

HI Cara, as far as what you calculated and what Ma unemployment is saying, I dont have an answer for that one. It could be a mistake on your behalf as far as when you started collecting. Remember the one week you are 1st out of work that you cant claim as well.
As far as hte other questions, if you have not worked at all in the past year its simple as pie, they just ask you if you worked in past year or not. If you did they ask where and when etc and they will recalculate your benefits based on the income you received during that period.

Sounds to me like you did not work this past year so its smooth sailing, there may be a slight delay in getting your check if you cant get through to unemployment in a timely fashion.

Best of luck, Also welcome to the forum!

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