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Could I get a clue?

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Could I get a clue?  Empty Could I get a clue?

Post by InSearchOf Wed Jun 08, 2011 3:04 pm

So basically my entire life tore itself to pieces, and as I write this I wonder how long I'll have internet to communicate with the world around me. It all started two years ago, my wife of 5 years had been having an affair. While she was pregnant with our son. So we separated, I helped her get set up with a homebased job making good money, an apartment, even got a junker and gave her my nice jeep to drive our kids (one 4 and one 1) around in. After 6 months and 6000 dollars (from me) later she was evicted from her apartment for not paying her bills. She moved in with me for two months, and when I left to visit the beach for the weekend and clear my head she disappeared. When I got home my house was destroyed, money and belongings were missing, it was terrible. Another two months go by and I get served divorce papers on the grounds that I was cheating on her while I was on vacation. Three weeks go by and we have "Temporary Relief and Support Hearing". She gets awarded 900 a month for 5 months, then it dropped to 600. At the time she claimed to only be making 500 a month doing the same job she was making 900 a week at from home when she moved out. I was brining home 1400 a month. Needless to say I lost my apartment immediately, because of that I moved into a friends living room. My job told me that I would be let go if I couldn't get everything "settled" in my personal life, so I started applying to colleges. I got into a decent SC university, moved, and was doing great with it. I decided to sell my inheritance to my parents, we share a house my grandmother gave me, and I let them move in when theirs got foreclosed on. They said they would give me 12 grand to get my name off the house, but after I took it off they only ended up giving me 5. Between that and the loan money I wasn't going to last long, so I started looking for jobs. In march I went to the local bar for a drink and was sitting, watching a show, enjoying beer number one. I saw a girl smiling at me and bought her a drink, I don't remember finishing the drink. I woke up in jail, was robbed of my last 400 of cash, and my debit cards and credit cards, my car title, my cd's, and more were stolen and I was left in my vehicle. The cops decided I was just drunk and threw me in jail for a dui without even testing my blood. The one report I could get my hands on says I blew a .19 on a breathalizer, but I haven't been able to get anyone to speak with me about filing a report for the attack or what happened, even where I was found (a fact I still do not know). I got rid of my car for a scooter, and finally found a job a few weeks back as a telemarketer. I make about 150 a week working 30 hours, and it's not even enough to keep me alive. I really just don't know what to do now. I have court in august for my dui, but I can't get a lawyer with out money and it doesn't warrent a public defender according to their local office. I have court for the divorce in august as well. I've got no money left, and my bank is 700 negative so if I don't pay it soon they'll cancel my account. My credit's been destroyed totally. My phone was cut off today, and I don't know how I'm going to even keep food in front of me, let alone pay the child support I'm three months behind on. How can I possibly take a course of action to deal with these issues? I just want to be able to live, you know like survive? To try to persue a future for myself and my children? I'm supposed to pay child support but I'm not given any assistance or credit for everything I did for her before she took me to court. I don't have any real options and I don't have anywhere to turn, I just feel like the whole world is set up to take from me to help everyone else and no one cares now that I need it. What am I supposed to do? I feel like if I don't find a solution soon I'll end up another statistic in the "dead beat dad" story when I'm trying every thing I can and it doesn't seem to matter to anyone but the powerless.


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Could I get a clue?  Empty Re: Could I get a clue?

Post by americatheneedy Wed Jun 08, 2011 4:12 pm

Jeez, sorry guy.

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