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That damn ticking clock! (Got the job!)

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That damn ticking clock! (Got the job!)

Post by JadeBlue on Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:12 pm

Hi all. I'm back again. I had a good run this year- I was only unemployed for 3 weeks in 2013 until recently. And I managed to squeeze back into teaching in literally one of the worst school systems in the country. They asked me to fill two maternity leave positions this past year, so I bit the bullet and accepted their laughable (cry-worthy?) compensation hoping to land something permanent for the fall.

And here it is, almost August and I am nervous as hell after two unsuccessful interviews and a mountain of unrequited applications. I have done this 5 years in a row with no success on getting a contracted offer, so I am no where near hopeful. I've taken so many supplemental jobs in the last few years, I have to look at my resume to keep track. And I can't even get those job offers anymore.

I hate that feeling of time running out. Either you're going to miss out on seasonal opportunities, lose your benefits, or run out of money, even the stuff you scrounge up. And I would like to say it is motivating, but it really just leaves you wanting to drink the day away to calm your nerves. I can't do it anymore. I need out. Today I seriously considered going down to my friend's costume shop and buying wigs and make up so that I can go make money at the strip club downtown.

Anyone else have these time-sensitive experiences constantly?

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Re: That damn ticking clock! (Got the job!)

Post by elvis44102 on Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:20 pm

hello JadeBlue,
I feel the time pressure, while i am NOW on Unemplyment, i have been getting contracts that fall short of the needed minimum, so i have to complete one conteract then get another and complet it within a certain time frame to just get NEW benefits...
I have not even heard of fulltime jobs in the IT field its just short contracts....hmmmm...
my best female friend put her two sons through private school being an "exotic dancer" she has many stories of "clients", you just wouldnt believe some peoples peculiar tastes.....
I am getting to wish people would not tell me about my "excellent" resume and not hire me...
recently i was told the original monetary rate was being disputed by the potential employer...
i told the recruiter i was not "insulted" by the offer and because it was of six month duration willing to negotiate....come on "insulted"
was thinking of putting together a resume with fake name but REAL email and phone number (my contact stuff)
___worked with Edison on light bulb development
___installed wireless comunication equipement on Titanic
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Re: That damn ticking clock! (Got the job!)

Post by JadeBlue on Tue Aug 06, 2013 2:29 am

elvis44102 wrote: I am getting to wish people would not tell me about my "excellent" resume and not hire me...

Me too. I have been having this experience way too often lately! Being their 2nd choice, or worse, being their first choice, but only after they offer someone else the job because it needed to be filled sooner.

It's frustrating. I recently found out that the manager of a place I applied to knows my husband. He called up my husband after receiving my resume and asked if we were related. My husband told him yes, and the owner went on to say that he was really sad they had just filled the position because I was the most qualified for the job and he NEEDED someone with my experience. To add salt to the wound, I also found out what they were offering for the job, which was way better than I was expecting (full benefits, too) and I wanted to cry for missing it. Timing seems to be everything now.

Who knows, maybe I will get some offers when they start getting desperate at the end of this month. I would rather not have it come down to the wire.


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Re: That damn ticking clock! (Got the job!)

Post by JadeBlue on Sat Aug 31, 2013 3:25 pm


I am now the brand new Art teacher at a new performing arts charter school in Hartford! I received an e-mail from HR last week at 10pm inviting me on-board and they had the full contract and everything! My position is not fully certified yet so I am not getting full compensation, but it is full time because I am also doing tutoring throughout the year. And I have BENEFITS! Like, amazing benefits minus retirement! I can pay everything for myself AND my husband for cheap! OMG, I can pay off my bills and refinance the house, too! Maybe even get a new car next year!

This is so amazing. I really like this school and my coworkers and the principal. I just completed my first week, I had only two days to get everything together before school started, so I am going nuts, but I am so excited. And I got my first paycheck yesterday! Being on salary is so nice, I got a full paycheck even though I didn't work the whole time!

It will be tough- I am teaching at a newer school in a newer program with students in 5th-8th grade in one of the most challenging school systems in the country, but I feel like this is where I belong. And I have a good chance of getting my contract renewed for next year, so I am breathing a big sigh of relief. Well, not quite, I am still in disbelief... Funny thing is, I got the offer on the night of the blue moon, so I have been joking about how rare it is for me to have this opportunity.

Thanks everyone for your support and listening to me! Hopefully this is the beginning of my journey now!


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Re: That damn ticking clock! (Got the job!)

Post by marrer on Tue Sep 03, 2013 12:47 pm

Congratulations JadeBlue! I'm so happy for you! :-)

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Re: That damn ticking clock! (Got the job!)

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