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"Al" ~ Another Reason ALL the Unemployed MUST Remain United!!

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"Al" ~ Another Reason ALL the Unemployed MUST Remain United!!

Post by Guest on Sun Dec 18, 2011 3:54 pm

From ~ In memory of a former member, "Al".

This is the story of Al, one of those statistics you all talk about, one of the constituents you read letters from on the Senate floor, on the House floor:

"He did everything right: worked hard all his life, paid taxes, took care of his family, participated in his community. Then boom, one day he was laid off at age 58, and for more than two years after that could only find odd jobs here and there. Jobs he applied for had many people showing up to try to get the same 1 job. When he reached 99 weeks and lost his unemployment benefits, he lost his home, he put his disabled wife and son into a homeless shelter, he lived in his van, he suffered when the police confiscated his license plate due to nonpayment of the registration. (He later had his plate returned to him after a kind soul paid his registration fee.) Unable to drive the van for a time to seek work, he walked miles and miles, and prospective employers told him that he would not be hired because he was too old. Managers at both McDonald's and Wendy's told him that the was too old to work for them. The welfare office said he couldn't have food stamps without a mailing address. The homeless shelters that accept men told him they were full. He managed to hang onto his laptop and used it to email Congress and the White House to help the 99ers, but no one listened. Then one day last week, he gave his laptop away to a fellow jobless man who had just sold his own computer to buy milk for his baby, walked a few miles back to where his van was parked, and shot himself in the head."—a fellow unemployed poster

A little while later we learned he is no longer with us. He was declared brain dead yesterday. His family courageously and most lovingly removed him from life support, and he died.

While all of you were aiming your slings and arrows at each other—you know, your good friends on the other side of the aisle—day after day, week after week, month after month, no one was noticing that many millions of Als were trying to live through one more day of heartbreak, terror, disgust, anger and a million other emotions—while attempting to find something to eat, someplace to sleep, and, yes, by golly, being chipper on that job hunt.

Today I'm not addressing this to Democrats. Today, I'm not addressing this to Republicans. Today I'm not addressing this to an Independent. I'm not addressing it to your political beliefs, your deficit spending or not. I'm addressing this to each and every human being in Congress, and I'm putting you on notice that a man died—a 99er died—because no one moved fast enough to help him.

Do you know how many 99ers are near bottom right now—who don't know if they can stand one more day, or even one more hour, trying to hold on until financial aid comes to them? They are white collar, blue collar, degreed and not, many years of experience, just out of school, with families, alone, with lives they've had to just give up, lives that don't exist anymore in any way resembling "the old days" when they were proud to be employed.

We are grateful that a bill for the 99ers has been introduced. But I cannot physically fathom that you people left for two weeks, and left millions of needy people behind. By your return from your break, there will be more Als who just. give. up.

Do you know what it's like to be penniless? I do. I've been.

Do you know what it's like to watch your loved one die from a brain injury? I do. I've watched.

His family members and close friend Bruce have been in agony since July 22 because you didn't do something to help this man in time.

Today we should all be mourning. This was a life lost. Al wasn't your constituent. He wasn't your statistic. He was a living, breathing, desperate human being.

How many more lives will be lost before other living, breathing, desperate human beings are helped? How many more have lost all hope since July? Please make a resolution to put an end to the fear and suffering of the #99ers. Please vow that there will be no more Als.


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Re: "Al" ~ Another Reason ALL the Unemployed MUST Remain United!!

Post by Marian on Sun Dec 18, 2011 4:01 pm

So sad!

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Re: "Al" ~ Another Reason ALL the Unemployed MUST Remain United!!

Post by wausauguy on Mon Dec 19, 2011 4:10 am

This brings on such frustration for me... here in Wisconsin MILLIONS are being spent on a recall... while singles especially who are unemployed have no health coverage help.... NO job help unless considered disadvantaged and the only jobs we are fighting to get don't even pay living wages.

Politics...all parties make me sick!!!!


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Re: "Al" ~ Another Reason ALL the Unemployed MUST Remain United!!

Post by TR11005 on Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:54 pm

It has been over two years! How many more Als have there been. We don't know. We only know there will be more. Nothing has changed, but has gotten worse for millions and millions to come. Why don't the Republicans get it. So, quick to decide on the Iraq war. Totally ignoring the problems at home.


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Re: "Al" ~ Another Reason ALL the Unemployed MUST Remain United!!

Post by Hurtin@home on Mon Dec 19, 2011 6:30 pm

Today I was driving home and saw a man standing in the middle of an extremely busy road with a sighn. He appeared to be mid 20s early 30s. The sighn said: Please help me, I have a baby daughter less than one year old. I was laid off, can not find a job, we have been foreclosed on our home, living on the street, no food to eat, ran out of unemployment and am running out of hope. I don't know what to do!

I gave the guy all the money I had in my wallet. Twenty five
dollars. Wished him Merry Christmas. He must
have said thank you and God bless you once for every dollar I gave him.
First time I have seen this doubt it will be
my last...


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Re: "Al" ~ Another Reason ALL the Unemployed MUST Remain United!!

Post by wausauguy on Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:32 pm

It seems the minute I hear about someone who is layed off or unemployed a few tears come to my eyes. I am glad that you were able to give the money and show that people do care.

I know this will sound not so nice, but I have to say, I am jealous of those who have been able to get a steady job. My mood, my senses are a bit on edge. I feel compassion but I also must admit I want to be the one to say I have a job, health coverage, and can participate without fear in the economy.

How to not be a bit cynical about the holiday hype when basic needs of health insurance and a steady income are not met. What a country...politicians act so caring... but they leave me cold.... always excuses. I sometimes feel sorry for myself being single and feeling I am overlooked, but the reality is so many families are hurting too. I think kids are resilient and they will likely live to see better times.

I really do believe that some people care, but it seems people I know, or even some friends do not really get it. They think it is that I or others have not applied for jobs and have not tried different things... well... I can speak only for myself... but hundreds of appications / resumes later I feel pretty low and worthless at times being that I am never good enough.

For me, it is hard with the financial unertainty but my self-esteem which never was a strength has really taken a hit and that makes it really hard to face even the everyday hassles now seem so trying.

I am hopeful... and maybe just by speaking our truths, what we have experienced it can make a difference.



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Re: "Al" ~ Another Reason ALL the Unemployed MUST Remain United!!

Post by Hurtin@home on Mon Dec 19, 2011 11:12 pm

I was talking to my new wife this evening about the economy. We are both in our forties. We just got married last may. I have three children from my previous marriage. The youngest is 22 and just finished college. When I saw that man today looking for any help from anyone with his new baby and no place to turn I said to my wife, thank God we decided not to have any children together. We can't even imagine us in his position! Our hearts go out to all that are trying to raise children these days. This needs to stop! Politicians that do nothing will meet their maker. The lord of hosts will do battle for us!

In the meantime, it's up to us to help our brothers and sisters. Merry Christmas everyone!


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Re: "Al" ~ Another Reason ALL the Unemployed MUST Remain United!!

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