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Address the Jobs Crisis First

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Address the Jobs Crisis First

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 11, 2011 12:13 am

As unemployment keeps rising and the economy faces a period of prolonged stagnation, political elites of both parties can only yammer about debts and deficits. But reducing the deficit before we get a recovery going will only worsen joblessness, cut back essential public services, and deny government the needed tools to produce an economic recovery.

With Republicans increasingly intransigent on any budget bargain that raises revenues, a deal would depend heavily on Democratic votes. But the Democratic caucuses in both houses, which have been largely ignored by the White House in Obama's evidently futile courting of Republican House Speaker John Boehner, are now refusing to vote for cuts in Social Security or Medicare.

The Republican stance is such bad economics and so irresponsible as budget politics that a president with strong convictions and a feel for how you use the bully pulpit to move public opinion would be eating their lunch. But we have long since realized that this is not the president we have.

Even commentators who have been willing to give Obama the benefit of the doubt are now out of patience. "I've been stunned, both in the spring during the government shutdown negotiations and now, that Obama has hardly ever gone to the American people to insist firmly that there are some things he would never abide," writes my former colleague Michael Tomasky in Daily Beast/Newsweek. Though Republicans are practically inviting Obama to define a new progressive center, he just won't deliver.


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Re: Address the Jobs Crisis First

Post by USA Citizen on Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:02 am

There are two ways progressives can prevent this economic calamity from turning into a deeper political catastrophe -- an inside game and an outside game. Progressives in Congress can refuse to cave in. That part of the fight is going better than one might have feared. Democrats in the House and Senate are resisting the capitulation impulses of a Democratic president. The other way is to build a movement. Better yet, we need to do both, and it is encouraging to see the two labor federations coming together and working with the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

There are far worse fates for this Republic than to miss the nominal deadline of August 2 for raising the debt ceiling. One would be to capitulate to Republican blackmail and give away the fruits of 40 years of struggle. The other would be to fail to seize this moment to build a movement of our own.[/quote]

The unemployed are over 15 million strong and qualify as a social movement. Adding in the 99ers, the underemployed and those who have given up hope for finding a job, there are over 30 million. Add in the unwilling retired and the new grads that can't find work and must remain in school there are even more.

A social movement requires people to take action. A social movement requires leaders. It requires people to put out money to sponsor lobbyists who will lobby the President and Congress. So far our progress is counted in the number of unemployed who have sent mail, email and made phone calls to people in Congress among other things, but there is no jobs legislation and no extension of unemployment benefits to those who need money for survival. Government is shutting down for the poor and unemployed. We can choose to do something by organizing into a social movement or get sucked under by the economic riptide that resembles a big flushing toilet. We must seize this moment to build a movement of our own.

Established unions have joined together to promote union workers.
See this video linked to the article: The End of the American Dream?
See this link for Change to Win:

The problem is that these unions have members who have jobs and can contribute to the union through dues. Those unions are not working for the unemployed, although they mention the unemployed.
We need a union that works only on behalf of the unemployed.
USA Citizen

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