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Where Have All The Good Jobs Gone?

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Where Have All The Good Jobs Gone?

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 23, 2011 10:31 pm

It’s now two years since the official end of the Great Recession. Yet the US unemployment rate in May was 9.1 percent, and even college grads are having trouble finding jobs. The US economy is mired in its third, and worst, “jobless recovery” since the early 1990s.
Things look pretty bleak for the foreseeable future. So how did it come to this?
Let’s take a look. The scarcity of good jobs, even in an economic recovery, reflects the cumulative impact of three structural changes in the employment practices of US industrial corporations, going back three decades to the early 1980s. These changes are the result of a triple-layered process of 1) rationalization, 2) marketization, and 3) globalization. Together, these trends have taken a permanent bite out of the quantity of well-paid and stable middle-class jobs in the US economy.


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Re: Where Have All The Good Jobs Gone?

Post by bart12 on Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:33 am

If you went to a store today, and there were two somewhat similar products sitting on the shelf and one cost ten times more than the other one, which one would you buy?

Well, that is the situation facing American workers today. They have been pushed into one giant globalized labor pool, but big corporations are allowed to pay workers on the other side of the globe slave labor wages. It costs ten times more (at least) to hire a blue collar American worker than it does to hire a blue collar worker in most areas of Asia.

As a result of the globalization of labor, we have seen a mass exodus of jobs out of the United States, and wages for many of the jobs that remain have been significantly depressed.

There simply are not nearly enough jobs for all Americans at this point. There are more than 2 billions workers from India and China competing with American for jobs. This is a sad reality for American who have elected politicians in the past who have voted for free trade agreements !


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Re: Where Have All The Good Jobs Gone?

Post by bart12 on Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:43 am

I guess talk about "protectionism" in pursuit of bringing back manufacturing jobs for the millions of unemployed Americans is still TABOO topic #1. No a single Republican presidential candidates talk about it.

Too many of the other Dems in office are just as bad for not speaking on this topic. BOTH parties are wholly owned by big business and the campaign cash they are bribed with.

We want an end to off-shoring of all of our manufacturing jobs; there's already a trade war going on, Americans' jobs have taken the full brunt of our losing strategies in "Free Trade" where corporations flee US wages for cheaper slave-wage labor overseas. Obama spoke of reopening our trade agreements when he was still just a candidate for President, with an eye towards bringing back the viability of US manufacturing and the jobs Americans once had there. Now, he is silent on the idea that trade agreements have been flawed, and worse, he is pushing NEW ONES.

The Dems have frittered away precious time on garbage health insurance reform (without single-payer), bailed out banks & Wall Street while tiptoeing around prosecuting those whose fraudulent transactions created the crisis, given lip service to the millions of unemployed or under-employed American citizens desperate for work that will pay enough to support themselves (let alone a family), and still carry a torch for granting amnesty to the 12-20 million INVADERS (that many people sneaking into a neighboring country are NOT immigrants) while we don't have enough jobs here now for true citizens.

The only REAL solution to the massive unemployment we are seeing now has to include what never seems to be mentioned in talk about jobs creations in the USA: Tearing up our so-called Free Trade Agreements and Favored Nation Status with China, Mexico, etc, and then implementing new tariffs and trade policies that would make it unprofitable to import stuff not manufactured in the USA. MILLIONS of jobs have disappeared overseas because of cheaper labor and lax environmental regulation in places like China & Mexico. The standard line from the mainstream press seems always to be, "Those jobs are never coming back. Get over it and find some other way to create jobs in the USA."

Sorry, but NO! This evisceration of the USA's manufacturing base was an incredibly short-sighted experiment that has gone on too long. Protectionism IS a national good when it keeps jobs and the ability to produce our own basic needs here within our own borders. National security depends upon it, and there really is NO other solution that will bring back jobs to the USA without instituting some harsher new trade laws that insist upon production being done HERE in the USA whenever possible. Cheaper labor costs overseas do NOT outweigh the need to keep jobs and manufacturing ability in the USA. Plenty of jobs ARE being created everyday, just not here in America.


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Re: Where Have All The Good Jobs Gone?

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