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Struggling Empty Struggling

Post by Thu May 02, 2013 7:48 pm

I just want to tear the eyes out of my skull. I spend most of my time applying online for jobs and if I'm lucky maybe an interview will happen. And if I'm extra lucky, maybe they'll try not to slam the door in my face after the interview or give me one of those nice business cards to write stuff on. It sucks as it is waking up everyday feeling like "what the hell am I doing alive?" or "I don't have a purpose in life anymore." And tell you what, it's bloody awesome to be told that the American dream is "alive and well", because that what it is a bloody fantasy, a dream world that is perpetuated by the news giving empty promises of "small signs" that things are getting better when they really aren't. 100's of resumes sent off for part-time jobs and "only a selected few" are brought into an interview. Then there's the whole proper interview conduct of being expected to sit up straight and feedback questions instantly with no hesitation while not being allowed to look at your cell-phone and play that dumb new game on your iphone when you know damn well that the interviewer is playing solitaire on their PC right in front of you and doesn't care about the interview either.

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Struggling Empty Re: Struggling

Post by LostRealist91 Sat May 04, 2013 11:13 pm

I know the feeling I've been doing the same thing since November and it does get boring very fast. I assume you've been told the whole "just keep trying" thing? All we can really do at this point is just vent out our feelings over the internet and hope that others are listening and will support us. Hopefully some of these corrupt morons out there will come upon this site and get the message that we the people aren't as dumb and they think we are and that things WILL in fact change. Personally, the thought of starting a rebellion comes to mind... What about you?

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Struggling Empty Re: Struggling

Post by elvis44102 Sun May 05, 2013 12:14 pm

welcome to the forum

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Struggling Empty Re: Struggling

Post by Sponsored content

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