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Create Jobs Now! A WPA for the 21st Century

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Create Jobs Now! A WPA for the 21st Century

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 02, 2011 2:44 pm

The top issue in every poll is the need for jobs, but President Obama and Congress are ignoring the obvious solution: a WPA for the 21st Century modeled after FDR's successful program, as advocated by Nobel-prize winning Paul Krugman.

When FDR was inaugurated in 1933, four years after the stock market crash that launched the Great Depression, the unemployment rate was a shocking 25%. To address the job crisis of his time, President Roosevelt created the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to put millions of Americans to work quickly in useful government jobs.

This should have been done three years ago!


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Re: Create Jobs Now! A WPA for the 21st Century

Post by sbraney on Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:08 pm

This should have been done three years ago!

I couldn't agree more - can you imagine if the billions were spent on renewing America? There's so much work to be done everywhere you look - stuff decaying, unattended because of lack of funding. I'm so tired of the "privatization" rhetoric - the only time for-profit operations get around to doing anything is if they're guaranteed a killing, and not everything important is highly lucrative. While some corporations made a bundle on the WPA cheap labor (Bechtel-Hoover Dam) there were so many other infrastructure projects that got underway and it gave people a sense of accomplishment. I look around my own home and wish that I had a few coins to get some things done while I have this time. It's been brutal to say the least. Unfortunately, Obummer used the green job excitement as a scam to get elected.


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