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Loads Of Qualifications And Experience; Shortlisted For Loads Of Jobs; Still Unemployed...

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Loads Of Qualifications And Experience; Shortlisted For Loads Of Jobs; Still Unemployed...

Post by bazza270577 on Thu Oct 25, 2012 3:19 pm

I’m 35 years old. From leaving school until the end of 2007 I worked for Royal Mail as a postie and then an indoor sorter. It was well paid for what I actually did (far above minimum wage) and while it was boring a lot of the time it wasn’t such a bad place to work (don’t think I appreciated that at the time!)

Anyway, for a couple of years before leaving I’d been to college to do an Access course (I’d left school with nothing worth bothering with – anyway it was a long time ago and I’m barely even the same person now..) and then went to University where I studied History and got a 2:1. After 7 months working as a teaching assistant in a school I got accepted onto a PGCE where after a shaky start I got a Merit for my academic work and was graded ‘Good’ for my teaching (with the potential to be ‘Outstanding’ with a bit more practice) In the summer leading up to starting my PGCE I’d become a qualified TEFL teacher in Greece. Since 2004 I’ve taught it India, New Zealand and Morocco. I’ve done voluntary charity work for Barnardo’s, the RSPB and the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust... And I can’t get a job (it’s been over 2 years now – with a couple of breaks for longer term volunteer placements). Not teaching, not community work, not even as a teaching assistant which I’ve done before when I was less qualified...

I’m getting through to the interview stage for a lot of the jobs I apply for and the feedback suggests that I am maybe 2nd or 3rd choice at the end of it all... I know that there are people in far more dire situations than I am... There are people who are distraught and depressed about being unemployed (I sometimes feel the desperation from people I see in my local job centre...) There are people with kids to bring up and mortgages they can’t afford to pay... I’m relatively lucky – Yes I live at my mum and dad’s and I’m 35... But that’s no great misfortune in the wider scale of things... I am not mega rich but my finances mean that I am only entitled to National Insurance contributions and don’t get any JSA... And I have qualifications and life experiences that many people don’t have...

I want to emphasise that I am not feeling sorry for myself here... I don’t feel depressed (I get a bit fed up sometimes... but everyone does every so often!) But I am interested in hearing from anyone else in the same position as me... Anyone who seems, on paper at least, to have everything an employer would want, who just can’t seem to make it over that final hurdle into employment (by the way my current approach is that I’m trying to get help with interview techniques and coaching so would especially be interested to hear from anyone with experience of that..)


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Re: Loads Of Qualifications And Experience; Shortlisted For Loads Of Jobs; Still Unemployed...

Post by elvis44102 on Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:21 pm

welcome to the forum....

several times i have gotten the distinct impression that i was the very close to final selection....but not quite....

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Re: Loads Of Qualifications And Experience; Shortlisted For Loads Of Jobs; Still Unemployed...

Post by MarilynL on Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:58 pm

You do seem lucky them most, in that you are not struggling to survive like most who have 3 or even 4 years of unemployment. However, it is still frustrating to go so far in an interview, and never get the job in the end. I'd like to say that it all comes down to the interviewing process, but I don't believe there is a set pattern or a specific rule book to follow in an interview. Every potential employer is different, and each one may like a different characteristic than another. Some tell you to be confident in your approach, but I know from experience in my other positions that being too confident can hurt you as well. Most employers do not want someone coming in telling them how to do the job. Sometimes it boils down to which candidate is going to be more receptive and willing to learn the their way of doing business. Someone who is too self assured, someone who can be pushy, someone who hints at a better way of operating....all of those characteristics is a complete turnoff, to a potential employer. That's all I can really add. Other than that, it's all about trying new things for every interview. I've acted very professional, not my jovial self; I've refrained myself from being too sociable; I've also been real sociable, and very friendly...neither of which has got me the jobs, even though I was very qualified for each one. I can only suggest is to read all the ways of putting on a great interview on-line...and something will give. And as we always say..."Don't give up"


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Re: Loads Of Qualifications And Experience; Shortlisted For Loads Of Jobs; Still Unemployed...

Post by bprosen on Fri Nov 09, 2012 8:11 pm

Getting a job these days is extra hard. But hard doesn't mean impossible.

Begin by researching the companies you want to work for to find out their current business challenges. Once you know them it's time to build a personal marketing campaign to position yourself as the solution to one or more of their challenges. Use all of your experience. You'll be surprised how much you have to offer.

This is the same process I'm currently teaching three Ohio State seniors to get a job upon graduation. And the good news, is that it works.

There's no reason to be part of the 50% of grads that can't get a job upon graduation.
P.S. I've run many companies and have hired hundreds of people. The ones who got the job showed me how to deal with one of my current problems.


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Re: Loads Of Qualifications And Experience; Shortlisted For Loads Of Jobs; Still Unemployed...

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