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What's the Fed to Do?

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What's the Fed to Do?

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:11 pm


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Re: What's the Fed to Do?

Post by elvis44102 on Fri Jul 27, 2012 4:50 pm

""Weigh in, let us hear your thoughts please.""

well, since you asked. The whole system is built on limitless growth and in actuality "middleclass optimism and confidence in the system".

1) people no longer have confidence and are scared to spend any money
the bankers Know this.
2) interest rates are at a low, the fed can do little more

3) to solve the immediate problem a BIG government stimulus is needed.

it is my understanding that the US is still a safe and secure place to put money into, and foreign countries after inflation and such actually lose a little money by buying US backed bonds.....they are still buying..

Big government spending is the answer, and it is known by people familiar with Macro-economics. Our money system has probably reached its peak, however another twenty years or so can probably be banged out of it.

Maybe a huge effort to build wind power and the structure to handle it, or similar type BIG investments are needed.

There are private efforts to switch to natural gas for the trucking industry. (T-Boone Pickens) but as usual the media say virtually nothing about these.


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Re: What's the Fed to Do?

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 27, 2012 5:40 pm

Thanks elvis. From what I hear as well, only a huge effort on the part of the fed to spend, not give to the banks is what is needed. Now getting that done is another story entirely. I just don't know what they are waiting for. Well, in a way I do, if we "fall off the fiscal cliff" those that want nothing more than this Administration to fail can say... see we told you. I myself think somebody who really has the kazazzis in the banking industry (the only people DC listen to) have to demand that they try anything, after all, they have the most to lose. Don't kid yourself, if it happens, they will be the first to get "stimulated" once again.


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Re: What's the Fed to Do?

Post by invisiblecitizen on Fri Jul 27, 2012 8:46 pm

Golly gee! What are they going to do. Wait for it ... the lightbulb is just about to go on. The Fed will get another great idea - let's give the banks another bailout. The first didn't work; the second didn't work; all the money the Fed has been secretly been shoveling at the banks didn't work; but they are absolutely positive a third bailout will work.

In the meantime, what more can be taken from the employed? What more can be taken from the unemployed? But just to show us how fair they are, we will get another truckload of promises. Same old, same old - give cash to the bankers now, and we'll get promises for later.

Media wants to do a happy dance because first-time unemployment claims are down. They are down because only full time 40-hour-a-week employees are eligible for unemployment benefits. Most employees are now working 32-hour weeks and considered part-time.

What is Congress doing about all this? They are going back to their districts and campaigning for re-election. That's their answer to unemployment.

The bright spot for us in all this? Britain is having a great time laughing at us. Razz


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Re: What's the Fed to Do?

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