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5 Tips: How to Help Unemployed Friends & Colleagues in Their Job Search

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5 Tips: How to Help Unemployed Friends & Colleagues in Their Job Search

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 20, 2011 1:29 pm

Just recently, I came across this article, that I hope helps everyone who is in this situation of being unemployed. This article has been reprinted, with permission (source link and terms of use are posted at the end of this post).

5 Tips: How to Help Unemployed Friends & Colleagues in Their Job Search
Written By: Noel Rozny

Tip #1: Stay in Touch
When things aren't going well in your professional life, it's easy to pull an ostrich: to stick your head in the sand and ignore the world around you. Don't let your unemployed friends, family members or co-workers pull a disappearing act. Stay in touch with them—email them, call them, and bug them on Facebook. Send them updates on their industry (if you're able), or just send them messages to let them know you're thinking about them. It may not seem like much, but your support can go a long way.

Tip #2: Help Them Contribute
If they've been out of work for awhile, your unemployed friends, family members, or colleagues may be starting to doubt their skills and capabilities. Help them find places to contribute so they can keep their minds sharp and their self-esteem high. If you run a community organization, ask them to volunteer. If you run a business that they are familiar with, ask them for their feedback or opinion. If you have a project that you need help with, see if they're willing to freelance or consult for you.

These outlets may not only remind help your friends and loved ones remember how talented they really are, but they could just be the networking opportunities that lead to a new job.

Tip #3: Forward Job Postings
If you're online and have a social media presence, chances are you see a lot of job postings. Even if you do the bare minimum, such as subscribing to your alumni email list, I bet you see at least one of two job postings each week. Rather than hit delete next time one of these opportunities pops up in your inbox, take a good, hard look at the posting. Run through your mental list of contacts, and think about whom that job might be a good fit for. Then take the time to forward it to that contact with a personal note.

Tip #4: Help them Get Online
If you're a social media whiz and your unemployed Uncle John still can't quite figure out how to open an email attachment, it's time to stage an intervention. Put your social media skills to work for your unemployed friends, family members, and colleagues. Offer to meet with them for coffee and help them set up a LinkedIn profile, a Facebook account, and a Twitter handle. Show them the ins and outs of Twitter chats, LinkedIn groups, and Facebook networking. It will only take an hour or two of your time, and can really have a huge impact on their job search.

Tip #5: Rally Your Mutual Friends and Family
I don't care how resilient you are—a prolonged job search is a blow to anyone's ego. That's why now is the time to rally mutual friends and family members and give support to the person in your life who's unemployed. If it's someone in your family, organize Sunday dinners, family outings, and movie nights. If it's a friend, make a point to meet up with them for coffee, shopping, or football tailgates. If it's a former colleague, invite them to work happy hours, trade shows, and networking events. Spending time with those who are unemployed will take their mind off the stress of the job search and give them an opportunity to recharge through your love and support.

This article was reprinted, with permission, from the original article source

Original Article:

Terms of Use, (provided by the Articles Database website):
5. Subject to your full compliance with these Terms, you are allowed to copy, distribute and transmit the User Generated Content, provided, however, that you include link back to the original location of such User Generated Content on the Site. For the avoidance of any doubt, it is hereby made clear that you are not allowed to alter, modify, revise, translate or make derivative works of the User Generated Content, including without limitation deletions or revisions of any links contained in the User Generated Content. Please note that the User Generated Content is licensed under the Creative Commons License (CC BY-ND)


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Re: 5 Tips: How to Help Unemployed Friends & Colleagues in Their Job Search

Post by TR11005 on Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:02 pm

How to treat the unemployed.

What you don't tell them is to just get any job! That is an insult to their skills, experience and education. You need to help find them something. A friend would not suggest McDonalds type jobs. A friend would prevent him from doing it. This would only lower his self esteem further! A friend would find something that person is comfortable in doing.

Many older workers can't do physical labor type jobs. They are not out to start at the top either. That is where myself and many older workers are at. Yet, we need to work and have plenty to offer.

There are plenty of myths that are not true. Made up garbage. Many hear have heard plenty. If you can't say anything supportive, keep your mouth shut. Your actions speak louder then words. It does get very lonely unemployed, especially in these times. It is the little things you do that can lift a person spirit. It is not about spending money, it is knowing somebody still cares.

The Unemployed have to be careful about being a broken record, even though it is true. That can turn people off. You have to be working on some kind of game plan or you will go nuts. Take some risks, I have. I also have benefited from my mistakes.

You have to figure out where everyone is not looking. You don't go fishing where everyone else is fishing, it scares the fish away. Networking is highly over rated. It is still being at the right place at the right time.

Now, it is time for the politicians to Getter Done or they will be OVER DONE soon.

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Re: 5 Tips: How to Help Unemployed Friends & Colleagues in Their Job Search

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:05 pm

Exactly. I know that I wouldn't accept just any job. Long as the pay is decent and that there are some benefits, after a certain period of time, I would be happy. Very Happy


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Re: 5 Tips: How to Help Unemployed Friends & Colleagues in Their Job Search

Post by Jobless_in_Ma on Tue Feb 22, 2011 5:52 am

Excellent info here.

Thanks to all members for participating in the discussions.

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Re: 5 Tips: How to Help Unemployed Friends & Colleagues in Their Job Search

Post by Jenny2 on Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:32 am

I really agree with TR1105's statement of the unemployed being careful not to sound like a broken record which can & does turn some people off (happened to me with MOST people IRL). So I changed my tune & attitude & others responded more positively. Vent away here on this forum with like-minded people for empathy & support instead.

Not just for unemployment but other issues........

When people complain, it usually means that a need or want is not being met. Complaining to people that cannot do anything about it or fix it usually turns them off & nobody feels better. This does not apply to empathetic family or friends who can provide comfort or simply lend an ear.


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Re: 5 Tips: How to Help Unemployed Friends & Colleagues in Their Job Search

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