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With All This Socialism Going Around…

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With All This Socialism Going Around…

Post by gettheminNOVEMBER on Wed Jul 06, 2011 8:37 pm

I have asked people who cry “Socialism!” every time Obama’s name gets brought up to give me an example of what he has done that is socialist in nature, and all that anyone can come up with is talk about the bailouts (that he actually didn’t start) or healthcare reform (which is not socialism, but rather a giveaway to the insurance companies as it is currently written). Obama is nowhere near being a Socialist… at all. He is a corporatist like most other Presidents before him. But I find it funny how no one against socialism complained when Bush “socialized” things like the private banking industry and the auto industry when they were about to go under, or when Obama signed the “Cash for Clunkers” law, enabling you to get a new car for thousands off sticker price. Bush even wanted to “return the favor” to those who helped buy the election for him by privatizing Social Security so the bankers could profit off your savings. Privatize profits, socialize losses – that’s the name of that game. Socialism is only evil when it benefits everyone in a society equally, I guess – but yet it’s A-OK when it only benefits the wealthy.


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Re: With All This Socialism Going Around…

Post by mistermunster on Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:15 am

Yeah, that unregulated "DO AS THEY PLEASE" Capitalism sure worked out didn't it? Allowed this "NEW" hidden thing called Corporatism to be created. Not Socialism, Capitalism, Liberalism, Conservatism, or Communism. It's a NEW monster all together. And it's the MOST evil thing created by man. It has NO borders, NO country, NO Allegiance to anything other than PROFIT. And worst of all it's a chameleon that can change it colors to any of the other "Isms" to ward off attacks.

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