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The silent jobless

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The silent jobless

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 04, 2011 7:55 am

The American economy is trapped in a vicious cycle. Those who are unemployed can't afford to buy much more than bare necessities, while people who are working are getting skimpier paychecks. This means consumers don't have much purchasing power, which has made companies reluctant to hire more employees or raise the wages of those they have. (Big companies are enjoying high profits these days, but the profits are coming largely from their foreign sales.)

You'd think the American public would be demanding government action: a new WPA for the long-term unemployed, a second stimulus to make up for the shortfall in purchasing power, stronger safety nets. But we're not hearing much clamor for any of this. One reason is that those who remain unemployed have little or no political clout.,0,1851197.story


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Re: The silent jobless

Post by jmainframe on Sat Jun 04, 2011 8:50 am

The long-term unemployed have 2 main things going against them.

1. The people in congress, our elected so-called representatives want nothing to do with the long-term unemployed. They don't want them to go away angry. They just want them to go away, and don't let the door hit them on the way out. All this despite the fact they're in this situation through no fault of their own. SHAME ON CONGRESS!!

2. Since the american people are not being told the truth about the unemployment situation, they too have turned against the long-term unemployed, including friends and family members.

Is it me, or has this country lost its collective mind?

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Re: The silent jobless

Post by wausauguy on Sat Jun 04, 2011 3:21 pm

I think the article is good for the most part.

The long-term unemployment issue though is not just any certain race etc. I am a white single 44 year old male, with an associate degree, and bachelor degree. I am certainly getting no priority when I apply for jobs.

After 25 years of full-time work, 15 years at one employer, 6 years with another and also a part-time job I had for over 10 years while working full-time, now I am left unemployed without jobs that provide health / retirement benefits since April 2009. I have only had part-time work since. One job what a temporary job which ended, and another the business closed. And with my job ending Dec 31, 2010, now it looks like I will also be cut off unemployment this week.

The comment about the middle being in the worst shape is correct. Without a strong middle class we are seeing everything crumbling and lacking funding.

We may not be acknowledged, but we DO exist. We deserve help of being treated respectably. We deserve to have work that contributes to ourselves and society.



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Re: The silent jobless

Post by wausauguy on Sun Jun 05, 2011 5:21 pm

Sometimes I say things and then wonder what the heck, meaning they are negative or sound a bit not so kind or even could be misconstrued as racism, I sure hope this is not what anyone is getting from my posts.

My experience is that many are suffering due to lack of jobs. The worst part is when it affects each of us to the point where we have so low self-esteem, and question our worth, and even worse fall into depression and the downward cycle.

I know it sounds so trite but I can say I have learned alot from being unemployed. The competitiveness with the few jobs adds to it.

I have not given up, but I also admit I do feel close to breaking down. I know the burdens some others carry are far greater, but I have carried more that my share of disappointments.

God Bless you all... and if you don't believe in God.. I won't force God on you.. but please accept my sincere blessings. We will get through this.



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Re: The silent jobless

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