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Actually had an interview today

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Actually had an interview today

Post by Metanoiac on Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:07 am

Actually got an interview today. It couldn't be farther from the field I've been in (IT) for the last 20+ years), and it pays barely above minimum wage, and it has no benefits, and it's working in a care facility nights and weekends.

But they were actually nice to me, didn't care that I'd been unemployed some time, and didn't hold it against me that I have zero experience in their field. I still have to go for at least one more interview with a higher level manager, and perhaps yet another for an even higher level manager. That's to even decide if they think they can make me fit what they need...

Question if I even get it is, what do I do if I will end up earning LESS than I now do on unemployment (since I can't turn it down if it does that, I'm told?).

This just sucks...

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Re: Actually had an interview today

Post by NY Lady on Sat Mar 26, 2011 9:19 am

Well, YAY for getting an interview! Lots of people here never get any.
How did you feel it went? Did they say what time frame they would get back to you?
I like to ask that question now, since I hate waiting. Did you e-mail, or write, thanking them for their time and showing them you are intersted in the job? (I know we really aren't, but we have to act like it's the best job in the world...) Yeah, it really does suck.
I just started a job last week - not interested in it at all, but I'm acting like it, for now. I need the paycheck. I quit my last job - no UI.
Do some homework on the place so you can impress them with what you know, if/when you get that next interview. Show them you are intersted and willing to learn.
And no, you can't turn it down.

NY Lady

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Re: Actually had an interview today

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 26, 2011 10:39 am

Should I say "Congratulations"? It really does stink when the generation that worked diligently for 20 - 30 years, went through the "technology revolution" and strived to put big corporations where they are today are thrown out to pasture and left will little opportunities for positions that pay a living wage. Even with all our experience and education, we have no choice but to take jobs like that just to avoid starving to death. Forget keeping a roof over your head.

The response from employers for the decent, livable wage jobs is always, "You are overqualified". IMO, "Overqualified" = "Too Old".


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Re: Actually had an interview today

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:12 am

Sometimes overqualified = can not afford you as well. Sadly many places are looking to fill positions with the cheapest employee they can find.

If offered, you have to check in you state as far as how much you can make to collect partial benefits and what they consider comparable salaries to your last position. This is something that requires a phone call to your UE office and speaking directly to a rep. In PA, the position offered has to be within a certain percentage of what you previously made, for example if you were salary at 55,000 per year with benefits, paid sick and vacation and collecting 438.00 per week and were offered a job at 8.50/hr no benefits, no vacation and no sick, you may be required to take the job and receive a partial benefit claim or they may opt you out of that. I have seen it go both ways in the last few years. With so many unemployed, I honestly think the rules have changed. If you are a 99er, I would most definitely take the position, it could open a new field for you. Take it for a while, fill in the gaps, learn what you can and then with some health care experience under your belt, you could possibly transition into IT within the health care industry. Your best bet is to call UE Office and lay it all out for the Rep. And, ask for it to be confirmed in writing, even if it means a trip to the office. Hope that helps.


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Re: Actually had an interview today

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:15 am

I forgot to say though, congrats on at least landing an interview. I am happy that you were treated fairly. In my opinion, they saw something in you that they were interested in and know you would make a good employee. Sadly, salaries don't always reflect that, but as I said, if you could use the experience to learn a little more when things do pick up you would be a great candidate to transition to say a hospital setting in IT or a private practice as the practice business manager.


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Re: Actually had an interview today

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:43 pm

when you say care facility do you mean nursing home?

I know a lot of nursing homes hire people who arent yet certified (CNA) and if you are there long enough, they pay for you to get certified or to become an RN. It could be a good opportunity and will also fill in gaps on your resume.

You can always take the job and still keep looking for another. It will make it much easier to get hired for a higher paying job if you can say you are currently employed.

Also, you say the people were really nice, that, IMO, might make up for what the job is lacking. Its always great when you like where you are working. I think it would be good for you to take if you get the opportunity. JMO


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Re: Actually had an interview today

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